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Less CO2

Buying a sustainable outfit saves you 56kgs of CO2. That is the equivalent of 454KMs in a petrol car.



Thousands of high-quality, up-to-date products from verified sustainable brands are collected for you.

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Liters of water

That is how much drinkable water you save by buying a sustainable pair of jeans instead of a regular one.

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Fashion is one of the most devastating industries in the world. Worse than the aviation sector, for example. By buying consciously, your actions have a direct positive impact.

Fashion harms the planet.

Fashion is the 2nd largest polluting industry in the world. Moreover, it has notoriously bad working conditions. That's bad.

We offer a solution

We offer a sustainable search engine so you can be sure you only buy clothes that are good for our planet.

Contribute to climate action

Each time you use our search engine to buy a piece of clothing, we earn a comission from the retailer. We strive to become a CO2-negative company by investing most of our profits into climate action as soon as we are profitable.

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  • Self knitted
  • 100% dutch merino wool
  • Unique, one of a kind pieces

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Our 3 pledges, loud & clear


We compensate the delivery of your online bought item not once, but twice.


Full transparecy is in the core of our DNA. Therefore we strive to give you as much information about our workings as you need.


When using Amodamo for online shopping, you can be sure everything you see and buy is sustainable for real. We do the research for you!

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